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NANOGRAPHX technology

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 The origin of the company NANOGRAPHX is July 2001 in Luxembourg (Graphilux/International-Lux-nanographics) and since its inception our company provide extreme precision products and services for micro or nano edition to customers across the globe.

 Becoming NANOGRAPHX, our company is focused on bringing new ideas with emerging technologies to produce innovative products that have potential for world class but also for low volume production.

 NANOGRAPHX has an extensive experience in the fabrication and access to the last high technology. Our company provide design and fabrication of micro and nano editions with access to state of the art tools, using the ion beam mark technology. This technology provides a resolution that is not capable with a regular laser technology and is the best updated of high technology and elegant craftsmanship. Mark is clean, crisp and with very high resolution. For some micro products, NANOGRAPHX use the higher precision laser engraving system giving very high accuracy and reproducibility - repeatability.

 NANOGRAPHX works with the world class clean room facilities, equipped with the most up to date tools in its class, almost any discipline of micro and nano processing can be supported with optimal quality. Technologies are advancing and we produce with maximum cost effectiveness and our products meet the very highest quality standards. Our service include the final finishing and our operation offer a dynamic, flexible and relevant response for full solution.

 Physical and functional characteristics of Nanographx's solutions are managed to obtain a product to be manufactured in volume and perform as intended with the highest efficiency, quality and longevity. Our skills to value and finalize accordingly the needs and requirements, for the formalization of any final product, determining its industrial quality and proper integration. This is a part of our services to you.


  We have several possibilities and able to help create products dedicated to a particular need, event or circumstance, from a unique piece to a mass production. We are expanding its creativity in the field of special and custom editions. We create limited-edition projects in collaboration with the world's leading cultural institutions, universities, and companies, as well as various entrepreneurial and social initiatives, for customers across the world.

 Nanographx is your Gateway to Greatness", any idea or project, you are welcome to contact us using the contact form in this link :

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